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Coacto is a consultancy that understands business, people, processes and technology. We work with companies to capture these four dimensions to build a holistic awareness that enables successful projects. We live and breathe Salesforce. Salesforce plays a part in everything that Coacto does.  We run our company on technology and help other companies adopting or using technologies.

Our founder Paul Harris has worked with for over 16 years.  There have been quite a few changes to the platform over that time, but the experience that we have gained as Salesforce users, implementing and employing the technology as the operational hub of a company and now as consultants helping others adopt the technology has given us a unique insight. 

A mutual engagement is the best recipe for success, and we encourage our clients to work alongside us to deliver outcomes aligned to their goals. You can learn more about what options are available to you here

If you are new to and looking to get started, we have helped many companies successfully adopt the technology. Perhaps you have been using for a while and a review of your current implementation is what you need or maybe you wish to discuss your next project, contact us to see how we can help.

Why Use Salesforce? is one of the fasting growing software companies globally. They have a track record of innovation, leadership and bringing great products to market.  Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) platform, allowing you to improve the connection within your business and between your business and your customers.

The benefits of a solution that is based on a platform are substantial.  Like a smart phone which many of us use daily and we tailor to our own requirements, there are a large number of and third-party independent software vendors providing best of breed products and solutions that are tailored to meet defined business objectives.  This approach is called micro services and is the new breed of business solutions.

Many businesses run their entire operations on, whilst others use a mix of technologies. Over 50% of the transactions that run on the Salesforce platform are interactions with off platform applications and solutions.

Other key aspects are being able to take an approach which makes applications more scalable, easier to change and easy to integrate with existing systems and processes.  Coacto takes, in order of preference, a no-code, low code and high code approach to our solutions. Less code can give applications a longer life.

Contact us to find out how Salesforce could help you and your business.

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