Development and Integration

The Salesforce platform has a variety of features to enhance your system, all available right out-of-the-box.

Developing and integrating features in your Salesforce CRM

Salesforce can be developed to better suit your business requirements by adapting the standard out of the box capabilities. Salesforce also has the ability to integrate with the applications that you already use to run your business.

Achieved using pre-built apps, components and solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange, you can adapt your CRM with programmes that have been certified to work with Salesforce. Additional integrations like Mulesoft Cloud can also have huge benefits as can custom development – but this is normally considered as a last resort.

How Coacto can help with your CRM development requirements?

Coacto is skilled at integrating your business solutions with Salesforce CRM platform. Their developers have experience in connecting Salesforce with external products like SAP, Hansa ERP, and Sage. Occasionally, they even create customized applications to meet the unique needs of their customers’ processes.

Our approach has always been based on a no code, low code, high code path. As part of our initial discovery phase, we always look for solutions that leverage standard functionality. We’ll then adapt these using existing platform capabilities or by adding third party applications from the Salesforce AppExchange.

We’ve worked with many customers in the manufacturing, financial, health, engineering, cyber security and non profit industries to develop their existing Salesforce CRM system with external applications. Discover some of our case studies.

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