Beaufort 12 Partner

Coacto is delighted to partner with Beaufort 12, who specialise in integrating various marketing products with Salesforce.

How can this partnership help your business?

Being in a dedicated partnership with Beaufort 12 provides reassurance to customers of our official seal of approval and expert knowledge of utilising and implementing the technology.

Beaufort 12 can offer feature-rich and low-cost products that seamlessly integrate with Salesforce:

NEW Mailchimp for Salesforce: Seamless bi-directional synchronization between Mailchimp and Salesforce, enhanced with advanced capabilities like multi-email field matching, an intuitive data wizard, and specialized support for non-profits.

Eventbrite for Salesforce: This product combines the features of Eventbrite and Salesforce, providing a seamless event management experience. It’s designed for syncing data between both platforms, allowing users to view Eventbrite data alongside Salesforce records.

Campaign Monitor for Salesforce: This integration facilitates email marketing by combining the capabilities of Campaign Monitor and Salesforce. It aids in managing email marketing contacts and syncing data between the two platforms.

Emma for Salesforce: Similar to the Campaign Monitor integration, this product focuses on syncing data between Emma, an email marketing tool, and Salesforce. It allows users to manage email campaigns and subscriber data within Salesforce.

Get in touch to find out more about how this partnership can help your business.