Help, Support & Training

Our experts can help you achieve your goals whether you need support on an issue with your system, assistance with a new feature of your Salesforce implementation, or some tactical or strategic guidance.  Coacto’s support plans focus on adoption, advice, coaching and help to maximise customer success. 

Need a quick hand with something? We work on an hourly ad-hoc basis to suit your needs! Simply submit your questions to us and we’ll organise a time to chat.

Support Service Levels

Our service level agreements are based on the priority of the issue i.e how it affects the operation of your business. We categorise issues into three different priorities with a target response time and target resolution as shown below:

Issue Priority

High (P1)

Medium (P2)

Low (P3)


A critical production issue. Company are halted or severely impacted. Business revenue is negatively impacted and no viable work around is available e.g. unable to pack any orders.

Important production issue. Company operations are impacted to a point where business operation is negatively impacted, however a viable work around is available.

The impact of the issue on operations is moderate to low and a work around is available, there is a moderate to low loss of system functionality.

Target Response

4 hours

8 hours

16 hours

Target Resolution

16 hours

32 hours

48 hours

If you have any further questions, please give us a call – we love to chat!


Training is a vital part of customer success. However, in our experience training can be a casualty of time or budget constraints. Reducing training directly impacts the success of projects. So, we are here to help with your Salesforce training – helping you to achieve success in your goals.

Our discover, document, develop and deploy engagement process seeks to involve all of the stakeholders across the project. This means businesses see aspects of the system at the start when those first components of the system start to take shape. So, you no longer have to wait until a project is completed. Salesforce Training reinforces and enhances that knowledge and experience, improving your skill.

Want to get started on your Salesforce journey? We offer a number of training, support and ad-hoc configuration and development packages which can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Please call us on 033 0223 0229 for more details.