Help, Support & Training

Coacto’s help, support and training focuses on adoption, advice and coaching to help maximise the success of your Salesforce CRM system. Whether you are looking for assistance with a new feature within your existing CRM, or some tactical, strategic guidance, our experts can help you on a project or retainer basis.

Need a quick hand with something? We work on an hourly ad-hoc basis to suit your needs!

Support Service Levels

Our service level agreements are based on the priority of the issue and how it affects the operation of your business. To ensure we can help appropriately, issues are categorised into three different priorities with a target response time and target resolution. These are: 

  • High (P1), 
  • Medium (P2) 
  • and Low (P3)

Learn more about our Service Support Levels and their classification here.


Training is a vital part of customer success. It can often be a casualty of time or budget constraints, but reducing training directly impacts the success of projects. That’s why we offer Salesforce training right from the start so you and your team can better understand the platform and achieve success.

Our delivery engagement process involves all stakeholders across your CRM or ERP project. This allows businesses to see aspects of the system at the start when those first components begin to take shape. 

Salesforce training reinforces and enhances specific knowledge and experience about your chosen solution. Training can improve your team’s skills as users and also provide positive adoption across your entire system.

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We can offer a number of training options which can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

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