Ascent Solutions Partner

Coacto is delighted to be recognised as an official Ascent Solutions Certified Partner. Ascent Solutions provides the most flexible, extensible, and scalable technology, which is fully integratable with existing Salesforce CRM platforms.

How can it help your business?

Being in a dedicated partnership with Ascent Solutions provides reassurance to customers of our official seal of approval and expert knowledge of utilising and implementing the technology. 

Our partnership sets the expectation that we can build customer-centric solutions using Ascent managed packages on Salesforce for ERP, inventory, order management, rentals, reverse logistics, and warehousing.

Our partnership is incredibly important to us and means that we are authorised and trusted by Ascent Solutions to provide specialist solutions to our customers.

See the partnership in action with this success story: Literati ERP Implementation.

Get in touch to find out more about how this partnership can help your business.