Why Use a Consultant?

Consulting partners can make a huge difference across your CRM or ERP implementation project. Coacto’s wealth of experience and recognised Salesforce partner status has shown that utilising experts to work alongside your team to resolve challenges is ultimately worth it.

To try and explain what we mean, read this short story:

The Ship’s Engine

A ship’s engine had failed. Its owners asked many experts to repair it, but no one could. Eventually, they found an experienced engineer. He arrived with a bag of tools and inspected all aspects of the engine.

After a full survey, he pulled a small hammer out of his bag and gently tapped part of the engine, firing it into life. The owners were relieved.

The bill received from the engineer was for £10,000. The owners were shocked, why such a large invoice for a small amount of work? They asked for an itemised invoice, detailing time and expenses which read: 

Tapping with a hammer: £25.00. 

Knowing where to tap: £9,975.00

Knowing what to do is incredibly valuable, and here at Coacto we believe we know where to tap. Having the right experience and skills helps us deliver for our customers and helps our customers focus on what they do.

Benefit with certified consultants

If you feel as though your business could benefit with expertise from our certified consultants, why not arrange a consultation.

Need urgent support?

Need urgent support? Our expert team can be on hand to provide Salesforce support on an ad-hoc basis.