Implementing a CRM

You may have heard the age old phrase of ‘customer is king’ or ‘customer is always right’ – but how can your business ensure that these standards are being met and customer relationships are managed effectively?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system focuses on the management of customer relationships and provides organisations with a 360 degree view of their potential leads, sales opportunities and forecasting, quotes, activity management and even business insights. CRM systems such as Salesforce can allow you to get to the heart of your customer base with an output of closing more sales.

Implementing a CRM platform can bring great benefits to any business across a variety of different industries. Whether the ultimate goal is to improve internal communication and customer engagements or maximise production processes and sales pipelines, putting focus into a CRM implementation can provide lasting success.

Common business challenges mitigated

Businesses without an effective CRM implementation will often have irregular workflows, no transparency across sales channels, decentralised data, a lack of productivity and missed opportunities.

Does this sound familiar? Having a CRM system in place can really help your business flourish, as well as mitigate challenges experienced by having teams rely on manual, non-cloud based processes.

Discover the power of CRM with Coacto

When considering a digital transformation to help your business grow, we recommend working with a consultant like us to support you through each step.

Our team has expert knowledge in implementing the world’s number one CRM platform, Salesforce. It’s also an affordable option for businesses, with licenses starting from £20 per month and a variety of clouds to choose from based on your industry requirements. The cloud-based CRM platform can also be integrated with off-platform solutions, so as your business grows, your system can too with ERP solutions like AscentERP.

When considering CRM implementation, it’s essential to have all areas of the organisation embrace the software to truly experience positive growth. We have real expertise in this area and can support you from the planning to user adoption stages. Discover more about our service delivery process.