Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM implementation

Without a successful Salesforce and AscentERP integration, global fabric trim manufacturer customer, Pro-Stretch Trims could not easily support their essential business needs

Managing orders and purchase management systems

With multiple manufacturing processes to conduct, Pro-Stretch Trims really needed a system that could support their global operations efficiently. The main requirement was to have a system that could manage the operations from sales orders, sample management, procurement, season pricing, warehouse management and inventory across the business operations. An introduction to an ERP system to accompany their CRM was needed to manage the demands of their major sportswear manufacturers.

Working with partners to maximise ERP capabilities

Our partners, AscentERP carried out the initial solution implementation. Adapting the core ERP capabilities from the Ascent package to support the exacting, bespoke requirements of the business. The experienced Coacto CRM team then worked to enhance the operational system to support the scaling and growth of the business, optimizing processes and introducing more automation as the business expands its global reach.

Learn more about how we supported Pro-Stretch Trims with the challenges they faced with their packaging process and methods in our Solution Video.

“Coacto are a fantastic , approachable and professional team who have taken the time to listen, implement and streamline  our system to support our business .”



Sales Cloud, Salesforce for Outlook


Manufacturing and Distribution


AscentERP, Conga, Spanning

Partner Role:

Integrated Solution Provider

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