Upgrading a customer application

Refactoring and upgrading a custom application designed to assess and identify security threats

TrustedIA is a cyber security company based in Wiltshire in the UK. Their mission is to help businesses identify and protect themselves from disruptive events that can impact their business operations.

The Challenge

Recognising the increasing need to preserve business continuity and the protection of customer information, operational assets and reputation, they developed a ‘Cyber Assessment’ application on the Salesforce platform to provide an online tool for businesses to identify and assess their individual cyber security risks.

With such complex development required, their chosen partner was unable to meet the needs that were initially set out. TrustedIA were keen to leverage their investment and to take the application to the market, Coacto were asked to see how our knowledge and expertise could develop the project to the required standards.

Detailed investigation determined that there were many key challenges that also required addressing within the ‘Cyber Assessment’ application such as:

  1. The design had not been documented in a document or code. 
  2. The application offered a limited and bland user experience with no flexibility.
  3. The architecture limited multiple assessments.
  4. Many aspects of the application were hardcoded in code.
  5. Coding had not followed Salesforce best practices.
  6. There was no way to pause and resume, or autosave assessments.

The Solution

We started with a discovery exercise on what had been built, how it was used and identified how it was expected to be used. This was a crucial step to document how it had been architected and also provided clear details on how the different components fitted together.

With this understanding, our expert team documented the elements that required addressing and worked directly with the TrustedIA team to align these with their expectations and identified what their future requirements for the application were.

This list of behaviours, changes and bug fixes were then categorised into must, should, could and won’t using the MoSCoW technique working alongside the team at TrustedIA. Our team then worked on the infrastructure and user interface upgrade which included migrating to Lightning, which is the latest version of Experience Cloud as well as addressing some of the fundamental application issues and limitations




Cyber Security


Salesforce, AscentERP

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