The vibrant Salesforce Appexchange provides many accelerators to supplement, enhance and offer new ways to use Salesforce, in the same way that you might add an app to your smartphone.

Discover our favourite apps and accelerators below:

Some of AscentERP’s best features include sales & purchase order management, inventory control, and rental management
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Cirrus Insight
Add new data into Salesforce to track prospects from your inbox. Create and update leads, cases and more!
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Automated backup & recovery you can trust for Salesforce data, metadata, attachments, customisation, and Chatter messages
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Agile Accelerator
Agile Project Management in one single application to help with managing backlogs, sprints, user stories and more
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Milestones PM+
With Milestones PM+ you get immediate 360-degree visibility to access programs, projects, issues and more!
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Accounting software built on the Salesforce platform to unify your CRM and finance
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Salesforce plugin for Gmail allows you to track your emails and calendar in Salesforce
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