Successful digital transformation

Caloo digitally transformed their entire business with AscentERP, Sales Cloud and a suite of apps from the AppExchange.

The Opportunity

To maximise competitive advantage, drive growth and absorb competitors, Caloo wanted an integrated, flexible and seamless system that would bring together their sales and operations functions. The system needed to manage marketing campaigns and external lead inputs, sales, procurement, fulfilment, warehouse and inventory, project and site management.

Coacto’s Impact

Coacto created the blueprint to support the marketing, sales and operational functions. Linking together all of the core business processes using Sales Cloud as the platform, the system tracks leads through sales, through to sales order management and fulfilment, and ultimately installation at the customer site. The operational functions such as issue tracking, returns, stock control, procurement and linking to the accounting system are a key part of this solution.

Coacto and Ascent provided the foundation for the business system that streamlined the operations, grew the company, ultimately led to the company being acquired.  The system is now being rolled out across the new business.”

Sales Director


Sales Cloud


Manufacturing and Distribution


Taskray, Linkpoint, AscentERP, Conga, Barbour ABI, Mailchimp

Partner role:

Integrated Solution Provider

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