Visions and values

Together as a team of aligned individuals, Coacto developed a series of visions and values that represent the company and what we stand for.

Coacto’s vision

Coacto is a team of positive individuals committed to not only the success of the company but also its employees, its partners and its customers. We work cooperatively, with honesty and integrity to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers.

As individuals and as a team we focus on successful outcomes and we’re accountable for positive results. Continued growth and education is important to us as is a balanced approach to life for all our employees.  We’re also advocates for supporting new talent entering the Salesforce ecosystem and are proud to be part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance.

As registered Salesforce partners, our aim is to co-act with our customers to deliver great systems designed to enrich their businesses and for them to want to come back and work with us time and time again, recommending us to others because of the excellent service they have received.

Coacto’s values

  • Integrity: we speak the truth, deliver on promises and communicate broken agreements immediately
  • Ownership: we are responsible for our actions and accountable for our results
  • Excellence: we seek constant improvement and learn from our mistakes
  • Communication: we speak positively about ourselves and others, speaking with good intentions
  • Success: we focus on successful outcomes
  • Teamwork: we focus on co-operation and always aim for a resolution
  • Balance: we have a balanced approach to life, remembering spiritual, social, physical and family aspects are important

Do we align?

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