Coacto’s Delivery Process

Our process for successful CRM implementation

It’s important to us to focus on the individual needs of our customers. Our delivery process helps us achieve this and ensure CRM implementation projects are completed with specific requirements in mind.

Getting to know you and your business is essential. Doing so allows us to create a mutual engagement and deliver overall success. Engagement, responsibility and collaboration are key factors in achieving benefit, return on investment, growth, scalability and outlines our approach to project delivery.

Learn about the distinct phases of our delivery process below:

Our process starts with identifying your current setup and understanding your desired improvements for your processes.
To achieve your goal, the next step is to consult with important stakeholders and create an action plan while keeping track of progress.
By implementing the agile project management methodology, we will divide the requirements and deliverables into multiple phases. This allows us to deliver valuable components early on while simultaneously working on the remaining aspects.
Once your final project is ready, deployment is the process of putting it into action. We will assist you during the handover and provide ongoing support.

Engaging with you

Communication is crucial for our engagement with you and your Salesforce implementation. We make an active effort to stay in touch with all stakeholders through all the milestones of the project life cycle.

In addition to this, we aim for each stage to be as transparent and open as possible. We’ll figure out the best communication strategy to meet the needs of your team to enable collaborative work throughout the project.

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