Development and Integration

Thinking about development and integration of your current system?

The Salesforce platform out of the box has more features than you can shake a stick at.  Salesforce can be made even better for your needs by adapting the standard out of the box capabilities or integrating with the apps that you already use to run your business.

This may be achieved using pre-built apps, components and solutions from the appexchange that have been certified to work with Salesforce. Also by using Salesforce’s recently acquired Mulesoft integration cloud, or as a last resort custom development.

We have the skills at Coacto to help you unify your business solution around the Salesforce platform. Our developers have integrated Salesforce with products such as SAP, Hansa ERP, Sage and others.  For some of our customers we have hand crafted custom applications on Salesforce. These are built to meet the demanding requirements of their business processes.

Our Approach

Our approach is also based on the no code, low code, high code path.  We will always look for a solution that leverages standard functionality. If needed, we’ll adapt that using platform capabilities or adding in third party apps, such as CalendarAnything which we used to provide an add-on  scheduling capability for one of our customers. If that does not meet the requirements, we may adopt a low code approach. This may require some code to be written. We did this recently for one of our customers who uses Dropbox to store their documents off platform. We wrote a small add-on that optimised the user experience.  If we cannot adopt a no or low code approach, then in some cases we have to develop.

We recently worked on a cyber assessment engine application for one of our customers built around Sales Cloud, Community Cloud and a significant amount of custom business logic.

Want to find out more?

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