Manufacturing Cloud

What is Manufacturing Cloud?

Aligning sales and operations is the core of Manufacturing Cloud.  Unify account planning run-rate forecasts, and deliver greater transparency across the marketing, sales, product and manufacturing functions of your business.

Manufacturing Cloud provides clear vision across business functions making it easy to access surface operational data in sales agreements and operational data in one place. With forecasting playing an essential role in manufacturing, a consolidated view of duration, products, prices and planned quantities, combined with actual quantities from fulfillment operations, gives users valuable insights. Custom metrics can also be developed which track the performance of your accounts. Manufacturing Cloud by Salesforce is ideal for businesses looking to move away from desktop or legacy CRM products, like ACT! or Commence.

Who is the Manufacturing Cloud recommended for?

  • Primary manufacturing companies
  • Secondary manufacturing companies
  • Advanced manufacturing companies

How could it help?

With account-based forecasting, you get a complete picture of your business. Marketing Cloud allows your sales, operations, and product teams to collaborate on a central platform, leading to more accurate revenue and volume forecasts. 

Key features of Marketing Cloud include: 

  • 360-degree view of each customer
  • Real-time visibility into key sales activity
  • AI-driven insight
  • Sales agreements aligning sales and operational data
  • More accurate forecasting with definable forecast algorithms
  • Extend collaboration to your customers and channels using Community Cloud

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