Effortless Document Signing – Seamlessly Integrated with Salesforce

Effortless Document Signing – Seamlessly Integrated with Salesforce

Within Coacto, a Salesforce consultancy, we’ve embarked on an extensive search for an intuitive yet cost-effective e-signature solution to cater to our moderate volume of document signings, encompassing contracts, statements of work, quotes for our clients, and occasional internal HR documents. Despite our diligence, many e-signature platforms we encountered either proved prohibitively expensive or were tailored for high-volume operations. For example, tools like Docusign are great but start at $30 per user, per month.

However, our quest for the ideal solution came to a gratifying halt with the unveiling of Sign Made Easy, a groundbreaking application launched in February 2024. (For an in-depth overview of Sign Made Easy’s features, please refer to online resources) This innovative app has seamlessly empowered us to tag any document for signature, dispatch it via email, monitor the signing progress, and seamlessly integrate the signed document back into our Salesforce system. We have been able to implement this with no coding and free of charge.

This is how it looks in our system:

Generate a Document 

You can either generate a document or separately attach it as long as the document is attached to the Files of the record. We generate documents using Docs made easy where the documents will be automatically attached here so this is perfect.

Press Button to open E-Signature App

E-Signature Composer App

Select the document and who you would like to send it to.

Add Tags and Send

Sign Document

The recipient will be sent an email to sign the document.

Sign Received

Once signed, The sender will receive a confirmation email.
The signature will then overwrite the currently stored document in the system.

Signature Tracking

The progress of the signature is also stored against the record.

Sign Made Easy streamlines our document signing process by offering a user-friendly interface to tag documents for signature, facilitates seamless email dispatch, enables real-time tracking of signature progress, and effortlessly integrates signed documents back into our Salesforce system. This comprehensive solution not only meets our specific needs but also enhances efficiency and productivity across our organisation. We will be recommending the use of this app moving forward.

Written by Danny Bragg, Salesforce Consultant at Coacto.
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