Top tips you need to know from James Ellis – Cotswolds Community Group

Top tips you need to know from James Ellis – Cotswolds Community Group

We were absolutely delighted to host the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group last month and it was great to see so many new and familiar faces of the Salesforce Ohana join in our trivia quiz and enjoy the knowledge that was shared during the sessions.

Throughout the evening, the attendees were able to lap up some really excellent tips and tricks including how to become more productive with your org with Jasmine Ashley from Salesforce and how to recover lost data with John Whitehead from OwnBackup. This week we want to go over the essential takeaways you need to know from James Ellis’ session.

Managing Salesforce Access

As a Salesforce Technical Architect at Vonage, James often works to create more flexible & unified communications within organisations but he also understands the frustrations admins experience when working with Salesforce user access settings.

During James’ session he provided an overview of permissions in Salesforce and how the many mechanisms that are used to set-up and control access can create accidental admins, in turn creating potential security risks with users who can see and do things they shouldn’t. I

t is not easy to see a collective set of permissions in one place and that’s where SOQL queries can provide that often needed clarity! A SOQL query offers a solution for simple queries to be used to provide a data set and the visualisation that is not possible from the Salesforce user interface.

Try it yourself…

There are plenty of useful tools in AppExchange to help your org keep on top of the visibility of permissions and access. In particular, James recommended the Permissions Helper App which is a great resource to visualise permissions for a user in just one place. What’s more is that the tool can also run reports and compare permission set assignments too! And even better is that it is free! Check out the Salesforce AppExchange. 

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