Top tips & knowledge from Jasmine Ashley – Cotswolds Community

Top tips & knowledge from Jasmine Ashley – Cotswolds Community

Last Thursday (25th February 2021) we hosted our first Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group of the new year. We were absolutely delighted to see so many new and familiar faces of the Salesforce Ohana join us virtually for some excellent knowledge sharing and good old fashioned fun!

We were delighted to have the number one backup solution provider, OwnBackup sponsor our Community Group and in addition to the fantastic sessions and quiz, we were excited to have a few giveaway goodies which have been snapped up by our lucky quiz and raffle winner.

Throughout the evening, the Cotswolds members were treated to some really useful knowledge including how to recover lost data with John Whitehead from OwnBackup and even how you can audit field and object access with simple queries with James Ellis from Vonage, but this week we want to go over the essential takeaways you need to know from Jasmine Ashley’s session.

Be more productive in 2021

As a Senior Solution Engineer, Jasmine highlighted the need to get work life balance right as we work from home during this time. There’s a lot of discussion on digital transformation and it’s important to appreciate that these can be small changes and they don’t have to be big to have an impact.

Essential top tips

Some top tips that Jasmine recommended to be more productive within your Sales processes included adding key field components on opportunities to improve data capture/quality (per stage) and to help users by adding tips using guidance for success as well as using lightning email templates. Lightning templates are easy to use and can be accessed from a tab. Another great tip is that queues can now also support tasks improving sharing and team collaboration and list views are a great way to edit and update data en masse.

To help improve the processes across your Services, Jasmine recommended that you maximise what is available for component layouts and utilise macros because they are easy to set-up and can be a huge timesaver by automating a sequence of user interface actions. Similarly, quick text can be used to populate commonly used sentences and phrase templates which can be added into text fields to save typing common responses. Tagging can be used to group things together such as a related list of records grouped by a common tag.

Try it yourself…

There was some excellent knowledge shared by Jasmine during her session all of which we’re sure will help to make you and your team more productive in 2021! What’s more is that Jasmine has pulled together a handy list of Trailheads that you can complete following her session here and has provided some other useful links in relation to her top tips below:

  • State of Play – A handy Salesforce resource that you can use
  • Task Queues – Detailed information on the latest feature from the Spring 21 Release
  • Lightning Email Templates – To help you create those emails ahead of time
  • Quick Text Considerations for what you can use when creating Quick Text
  • Time warp – Visualise related list records in a timeline and interact with related records like never before!
  • Field Trip – Discover Unused Fields and Analyze Data Quality

What was your favourite part of Jasmine’s session?

See you in May!

We hope that you enjoyed our February meeting as much as we enjoyed hosting it! We really hope to see you again at our next group in May. Registration is now open on the Trailblazer Platform and you’re welcome to sign up if you’re hoping to be super productive  for 2021.

Don’t forget to join our Chatter Group and forward details of our next event to colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Keep your eyes peeled for James Ellis and John Whitehead’s Essential Takeaways coming next!

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