Top tips you will WANT to know from Pawel Dobrzynski – Cotswolds Community Group

Top tips you will WANT to know from Pawel Dobrzynski – Cotswolds Community Group

We were thrilled to host the Cotswolds Community Group last month and we were even more thrilled to have hosted such an excellent speaker line up and members of the local (and further afield) Salesforce community.

During the global event, our members were treated to some brilliant knowledge and sessions including the Hive technology journey with Neil Procter and how to utilise admin skills into your day-to-day life with Melissa Shepard. This week however we wanted to share the top tips you will want to know from Pawel Dobrzynski’s engaging session:

Say goodbye to the process builder…

Pawel Dobzrynski is a Salesforce Application Architect at PwC in Warsaw, Poland and has  an in-depth understanding of the impact of IT and new technology across businesses. With his proven ability to build new organisations and markets for new solutions Pawel’s session was highly anticipated and delved into the effective use of triggered flows.

It was clear from Pawel’s session that it is time to bid farewell to the process builder and instead say hello to triggered flows which offer more flexible options for Salesforce automation. For many years process builder has been considered the starting point for declarative automation. After the launch of record triggered flows in 2020 the automation landscape has changed for the better. It is clear that the new flows available are faster and offer greater flexibility than process builder.

During the session, Pawel guided us through the variety of new functionalities and explained what you can achieve with what, and which automation tool should be used depending on the use case.

Say hello to triggered flows…

Next time you need to blow a customer away with an excellent automation, be sure to take the time to use triggered flows with these top tips from Pawel:

  • Stop putting same-record field updates into workflow rules and process builder. Instead, start by putting same-record field updates into before-save flow triggers.
  • Wherever possible, use after-save flow triggers for automation rather than process builder and even workflow!
  • Don’t put everything into a single flow. Multiple flows on one object are fine, unless the order of the actions matter.
  • Remember, if you have a high performance batch processing need, use Apex.

What was your favourite part of Pawel’s session?

See you in September!

We really hope that you enjoyed our May meeting as much as we enjoyed hosting it. We’ve already got a variety of interesting content in the pipeline…plus we’re hunting for fresh Salesforce trivia too! Registration is now open and you can sign up to attend on the Trailblazer Platform.

Don’t forget to join our Chatter Group and forward details of our next event to colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Keep your eyes peeled for Melissa Shepard’s Essential Takeaways coming next!

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