Top tips you need to know from Neil Procter – Cotswolds Community Group

Top tips you need to know from Neil Procter – Cotswolds Community Group

We had a great time hosting the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group last month and it was brilliant to go INTERNATIONAL with our line up joining us from around the globe in the UK, Europe and even the USA! 

Attendees had the chance to listen and learn some great tips and tricks from our speakers including how to use flows more effectively with Pawel Dobrzynski and how to utilise your existing skills and applying these like an architect with Melissa Shepard.

This week, however, we want to go over the top tips you need to know from Neil Procter’s session.

The Hive Technology Journey

As a technology leader, Neil has a specific focus on enterprise-level CRM/Digital transformation. As the Global Head of Customer Platform at Hive UK he needed to have a strong focus in linking the Salesforce platform to wider digital transformation initiatives.

During his session on Thursday 27th May 2021 at the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group, Neil discussed the evolution of the Hive technology journey. He shared the various hits and misses experienced throughout the project and the multitude of touchpoints and applications required for acquiring, fulfilling and supporting customers across the Hive platform.

It was really helpful to look back at the architecture and design choices and the apps chosen to support those and how these lessons learned informed subsequent projects.  Not all of the feedback was about the solution and technology choices, a key learning for Hive was evolving the Hive team structure to establish a single Omni-Sales Product Owner with complete oversight across the different sales responsibilities. Simple, but revolutionary!

Throughout the session, it was clear to see that the technology journey Hive embarked on was successful in creating a better product with more transparency and better service experiences for customers. It’s also going to be very interesting to see how this process can be adapted to suit the transformation of the British Gas Services as the Hive journey continues!

Try it yourself…

There are many great takeaways from Neil’s session however, a poignant observation is how the learnings across many different project aspects can be upscaled across a bigger project.

Other important great messages included managing client expectations effectively while organising and rolling out the digital transformation initiative and at the same time creating a re-usable technology strategy, aligned with the business and and all whilst paying keeping a close eye on the lessons learned to provide that essential innovation feedback loop.

What was your favourite part of Neil’s session?

See you in September!

We really hope that you enjoyed our May meeting and we can’t wait to host you again at our next group in September. Registration is now open and you can sign up to attend on the Trailblazer Platform.

Don’t forget to join our Chatter Group and forward details of our next event to colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Keep your eyes peeled for Pawel Dobrzynski’s Essential Takeaways coming next!

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