Apprentice Hoots: Week in the life of a Salesforce Apprentice

Apprentice Hoots: Week in the life of a Salesforce Apprentice

Following on from our first introduction with Charlotte, we’re back with another Apprentice Hoot blog. Today, we will help you discover what it’s like being a Salesforce apprentice and what a standard week looks like in the role.

Meetings, meetings and more meetings

A daily part of business is attending meetings, whether they are for internal purposes or for customers, I’ve experienced a few over the past week. An important part of every morning is the team SCRUM meeting. This is where we explain what we achieved the day prior and what goals are for the day ahead. I find this important because it helps to keep the team in sync and provides a motivational factor when you’ve had a particularly productive day!

Over the past month I have had the opportunity to shadow customer calls, which has been a great experience, allowing me to gain more insight and navigate customer expectations. Fast forward to this week, I have attended a variety of customer meetings that have required my input. For example, I needed to determine how a potential customer would like to see their meta-data within a demo and this required a conversation which I felt confident enough to manage on my own.

Planning and Projects

My favourite advice that I have received during my apprenticeship so far is “to treat yourself like a project”. Every week my colleagues Paul, Jessica and I have weekly reflection meetings to discuss my progress and set goals for the week ahead. As part of this, I was tasked with creating a GANNT chart of an 18-month plan detailing the deliverables against my apprenticeship. This has helped me to develop my planning skills which I have now used against a live customer project this week.

One of the main projects I have been working on this week is a new system for a serviced office provider. Referencing back to planning, I have used my developed skills to plan a demo. From taking the time to plan effectively, I now know exactly what is required within each step.

Managing Month One

As part of my apprenticeship, I am required to complete a certain number of e-learning modules and Trailhead trails. Trailhead is an online learning platform for Salesforce users that explains how you can use everything across the platform. 

Some of the knowledge that I have acquired as part of my first month of e-learning includes, business & strategy analysis as well as the Trailhead Trailmixes on User Setup and Security and Access.

A month into the Salesforce Apprentice role, I can recognise that no two weeks are the same as the role is so varied which keeps every new piece of knowledge and learning exciting!

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