Winter ‘22 Featured Five: Flows, Messages and Dynamic Gauges

Winter ‘22 Featured Five: Flows, Messages and Dynamic Gauges

We can’t quite believe that the first Salesforce Release for 2022 has been released! The Winter ‘22 release, which was launched in early October has provided a whole new host of features and functionalities which are all now operational across all Salesforce Orgs.

The new features never fail to excite Admins & Developers alike… and of course our very own team here at Coacto. With so many excellent updates, we simply couldn’t list them all at once. That’s why we’re going to shine a light on some of our favourites over the coming weeks.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s featured five:

Flow Updates

The Winter ‘22 Release has provided some excellent updates to Flows that we are sure will be a welcome addition. Some of the main features you can now expect include: 

  • Record-Triggered Flow start element changes
  • Call a Subflow from a Record-Triggered Flow
  • Screen Flow with new rolle back records element
  • Relabeling of the Navigation Buttons in Screen Flow
  • Ability to reconnect Flow Elements in Screen Flow
  • Configuration of Batch Size for Scheduled Paths
  • New ‘Minutes’ options for Offsets
  • Debugging enhancements for Record-Triggered Flow

Phew – The list goes on. For a full breakdown of all of the Flow Updates in the Winter ‘22 release, check out this great article from Tim Combridge on SalesforceBEN.

Outbound Messaging

Outbound Messages can now be completed as an action in the Flow Builder as part of the Salesforce Winter ’22 release. This feature quite simply allows for outbound messages to be sent to external services. We believe that this addition is going to be pivotal in solidifying Flow’s reputation as the go-to Salesforce automation. Watch this space!

Einstein Search

Whilst this feature has been available for a while, there are actually updates for this particular AI-driven feature in every Salesforce Release. The Winter ‘22 release will enable Einstein Search by default which is great news.

Lightning Performance

Salesforce has been putting a huge emphasis on encouraging admins to improve the speed of their Org. The Winter ‘22 release has a couple of notable features that are certainly worth mentioning:

  • Admins can now view org-specific metrics including user network latency, browser speed and number of cores allowing greater visibility for load speeds.
  • Lightning App Builder will automatically run when a new page is set up and will provide recommendations for poor performance.
  • Salesforce will now provide more detailed analysis if customer Lightning components are being used.

Dynamic Gauge Charts

Salesforce admins and users have been waiting for this feature for a long time and it has finally arrived as part of the release for Winter ‘22. Gauge charts have previously only been able to track KPIs against static numerical goals, now this figure will respond to your business dynamically – how satisfying is that?

That’s it on our Salesforce Winter ‘22 release featured five for this week. Be sure to check back on our blog next week for another deep dive into the features and functionalities available as part of the new updates.

Plus, we definitely recommend you read through the official Release Notes where you can get the full details on each feature when you get a moment.

If your business uses Salesforce, you may have already noticed some of the new release features within your platform but some will require some configuration to enable. Our Salesforce Certified team is available to provide as much or as little support that you may need. Contact us on 033 0233 0229.

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