Cotswolds Community Group: Salesforce Hacks

Cotswolds Community Group: Salesforce Hacks

We’re really excited about hosting the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group this September. With plenty of information and useful content on offer, we suggest you check out our latest Speaker Spotlight below ↓

We’re delighted to have such inspiring and engaging speakers lined up for our upcoming event. From welcoming Salesforce talent with Sarah Harris plus excellent knowledge from Pei Mun Lim on all things project related; there is going to be something for everyone. This week however our Speaker Spotlight belongs to Salesforce star and MVP, Steve Molis.

Speaker Spotlight: Steve Molis

Taking the time to join us this Thursday 9th September at 6:50pm is Steve Molis, the self-taught admin, pseudo-developer, geek, Salesforce success community answers leader and formula ninja. Joining us from Boston in the United States, Steve is a 10x Salesforce MVP with a passion for formulas and helping others and we’re so stoked that he’s going to be presenting at our September Community Group. When you get five, we highly recommend you learn more about Steve’s journey to becoming a Salesforce superhero and MVP over a cup of coffee too.

Salesforce Hacks

During his session, Steve will be sharing some note-worth tips and tricks to utilise Salesforce to its best and help us all to make the world a better place, one Salesforce user at a time.

Steve will be explaining how writing formulas doesn’t need to be overly complex to be powerful and how you can no longer feel intimidated when you have to tackle one. Plus, there’ll be plenty of simple, yet powerful formulas, tips & tricks and “plug & play” formulas to make you an Admin Super Hero*. 

(*cape not included. Sorry folks – you’ll have to embroider your own)

The Key Takeaways

Steve’s session will be full of key takeaways including:

  • How to overcome intimidating formulas
  • Powerful formula tips and tricks
  • Plug & play formulas 

Steve also has a great Trailmix available on Trailhead containing some firm favorites of his Formula and Report Modules. We’ll warn you though…. the Trailmix unfortunately does not contain Peanuts, Tree nuts, or Multi-Select Picklist fields.

Register to attend

Get your notepads at the ready and join our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group on Thursday 9th September from 6pm. Be sure to sign up for the event on the Salesforce User Group platform here. Plus you can keep up to date with the latest information and become a part of the Cotswolds Community in our Chatter Group!

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