Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group Event Success – February 2024

Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group Event Success – February 2024

Engaging Knowledge: February Community Group Recap
The Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group recently convened for the first meeting of 2024. Bringing together professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem, the event provided a platform for networking and knowledge sharing. There was a real community spirit among all attendees, physical and virtual thanks to a new technical set up.

Engaging Sessions
The event boasted engaging sessions led by industry leaders and Salesforce experts. 

Topics ranged from platform updates and best practices to user experiences and success stories. Each attendee was gifted with valuable insights to enhance their Salesforce journeys by some equally gifted experts:

Using Salesforce to Deliver CX in 2024 with Sarah Metcalfe
It was a delight to welcome Cambridgeshire Admin Group Co Lead, Sarah Metcalfe. Sarah’s session shared key insights to ensure your Salesforce implementation and team are set up to deliver the very best in customer experience.

In a world where customer experience is a key differentiator, she explained the top CX trends in 2024 and how customer experience design principles can be utilised to ensure teams are meeting customers needs, wherever they are.

User Stories for Successful Projects with Vanessa Grant
Ten times Salesforce certified Vanessa Grant dialed in from sunny Los Angeles. It was detailed how badly written user stories inject ambiguity into Salesforce projects and can make them go off track. Vanessa explained that although everyone understands the “I want… so that…” format, often teams are not clear on how to write user stories that have the most effectiveness.

Top tips were shared on how teams can write user stories that businesses and development teams love in order to drive project success.

The Future of Salesforce Automation with Andrew Cook
Salesforce Technical Instructor, Andrew Cook at SalesforceBen delivered a useful piece on flow. Using real life examples, Ben brought to light strategies for migration with the future of Salesforce flow builder.

Information on what you need to create a flawless strategy to migrate Workflow Rules and Process Builders to Flow was given. Best practices, considerations and even the order of execution and testing,were even discussed so that teams can create a migration framework that avoids technical debt.

See you in May 2024!
Preparations have begun for the next Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group on Thursday 2nd May. It’ll be another hybrid event and we’d love to see more of you join us in Cheltenham for a real good catch up (and to snag some new Salesforce swag!) Register here for the May event.

Don’t forget to join our Chatter Group and LinkedIn Group and keep up to date on our Trailblazer platform for updates on upcoming meetings and events.

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