Knowledge you NEED from Simon Bozzoli – Cotswolds Community Group

Knowledge you NEED from Simon Bozzoli – Cotswolds Community Group

We had a blast at our latest Cotswolds Community Group on Thursday 9th September and were extremely happy to have an awesome line up and members of the Salesforce community join us for an evening of knowledge and conversation.

Throughout the event, our members were treated to interesting sessions including formulas and life hacks for the everyday admin with Steve Molis and how to become a ‘SaConja’ (which stands for Salesforce Consultant Ninja) with Pei Mun Lim from Zenhao. This week however we wanted to share some of the knowledge you need for growing your team with Simon Bozzoli, from LDN Apprenticeships.

Learning how to attract Salesforce Talent…

Simon Bozzoli founded LDN Apprenticeships back in 2010 as a response to the high levels of youth unemployment in London caused by the 2008 financial crash. Simon learned that there were many young people who had no way of getting their foot in the door at awesome companies and discovered an opportunity to use apprenticeships as a tool to connect businesses and young people from all backgrounds to one another. 

In the beginning, LDN Apprenticeships focussed much of their work within the ever-growing technology sector, exclusively for young people. The organisation has since opened up their apprenticeships to people of all ages, and have successfully launched a number of exciting new apprenticeships for specific industries. 

What’s more is LDN Apprenticeships specialise in helping young, diverse talent kick start their careers in the technology industry with specialist apprenticeship programmes in the Salesforce ecosystem. During Simon’s session he explained the various Salesforce Apprenticeship programmes available and how, as a team, they can help support your business throughout the process.

Get hiring…

Did you know that there are around 50% of females and 40% of people in underrepresented backgrounds, looking for a role in the technology industry? As Simon explained, there is a shortage of skills, not a shortage of people! There are many benefits to hiring an apprentice and there is a huge need to develop skills and bring new people into our Salesforce ecosystem. 

Here’s how you can get hiring with LDN Apprenticeships and encourage young Salesforce talent to join your team:

  • LDN Apprenticeships always partner with businesses looking to recruit quality, Salesforce talent. 
  • They focus on potential candidates who are open to learning fast, bringing loyalty, motivation and external benefits to the team.
  • LDN Apprenticeships work with your team to advertise, short list, screen and prepare candidates that’ll be suited to your business. 
  • What’s more is they don’t ask young people for CVs since these have little value and the process is focussed more around their attitude and motivation towards learning.
  • The LDN Apprenticeships team will work with you and the candidates to deliver a successful interview process.
  • The team at LDN Apprenticeships will provide regular support to not only the apprentice but also your business too.

To discover more about hiring an apprentice, we highly recommend you have a chat with Simon and the team at LDN Apprenticeships.

What was your favourite part of Simon’s session?

See you in November!

We’ve already got some great content in the line up for our November event…and we’re on the lookout for some more Salesforce trivia too! Registration is now open and you can sign up to attend on the Trailblazer Platform.

Don’t forget to join our Chatter Group and forward details of our next event to colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Keep your eyes peeled for Pei Mun Lim’s Essential Takeaways coming next!

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