Top tips you will WANT to know from Steve Molis – Cotswolds Community Group

Top tips you will WANT to know from Steve Molis – Cotswolds Community Group

We had a great time hosting the Cotswolds Community Group earlier this September and we felt so lucky to have hosted such an inspiring line up with members of the local (and further afield) Salesforce community.

During the community group, our members were treated to some brilliant sessions including how to encourage Salesforce talent to join your team with Simon Bozzoli at LDN Apprenticeships and how to become a ‘SaConja’ with Pei Mun Lim at Zenhao. This week however we wanted to share the top tips you will want to remember from Steve Molis’ useful presentation on tricks for the everyday admin:

Joined by an official Salesforce MVP…

Steve Molis, the self-taught admin, pseudo-developer, geek, Salesforce success community answers leader and formula ninja, joined us from Boston in the United States. 

For those who don’t know, Steve is pretty much Salesforce Royalty and is a 10x Salesforce MVP with a passion for formulas and helping others. We were amazed when he agreed to present at our September Community Group. When you get five, we highly recommend you learn more about Steve’s journey to becoming a Salesforce superhero and MVP over a cup of coffee (or beer) too.

Formulas and Life hacks

Steve shared plenty of valuable wisdom with note-worthy tips and tricks to utilise Salesforce to its best and information on how to help us all to make the world a better place, one CRM user at a time. One of the key aspects of what Steve shared throughout his session was to keep things simple. 

From using the CASE Function and basic math to simplify formulas to using $User to create dynamic reports and list views and how to test validation rule formula logic, there was plenty of knowledge shared.

Try it yourself…

The next time you need to be funky with formulas, be sure to take the time to use one of Steve’s proven life hacks below:

  • There are some powerful techniques that use basic maths to simplify complex formulas, for example using case statements and functions like prior value for moving journey, profile, role, record type.  
  • Utilise $user to create dynamic reports and list views. Yes, you heard that right dynamic list views are based on global variables like $user. 
  • Using $User.Id = CreatedById to return a checked or unchecked checkbox you can grab any report or list.
  • Use checkboxes to test validation rule formula logic. And remember there is no check logic in formulas – Validation rules are boolean as are checkboxes.
  • Pick one style for your logic either AND or OR/AND

If you want to discover more about his session, he has kindly uploaded all of his presentation slides into the Cotswolds Chatter Group.

What was your favourite part of Steve’s session?

See you in November!

We really hope that you enjoyed our September meeting as much as we enjoyed hosting it. We’ve already got some interesting content brewing for our November event…plus we’re hunting for fresh Salesforce trivia too! Registration is now open and you can sign up to attend on the Trailblazer Platform.

Don’t forget to join our Chatter Group and forward details of our next event to colleagues who may be interested in attending.

Keep your eyes peeled for Simon Bozzoli’s Essential Takeaways coming next!

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