The Importance of Mental Health

The Importance of Mental Health

On Saturday 10th October 2020, the world came together to support World Mental Health Day; an initiative that encouraged people to discuss their mental health and promote positive wellbeing – At Coacto we’re big advocates on supporting the mental health of our team and feel it’s important to spread positivity when we can.

With lockdowns and curfews all starting to become more normal, it’s important to keep your mental health on top point. That’s why we’ve pulled together some top tips on how to keep your mood boosted and to keep your head clear as we head into the winter months:

  1. Connect with others

Maintaining healthy relationships with the people you trust is going to provide you with some excellent wellbeing benefits. With technology proving to be even more effective throughout this year than any of us could’ve imagined, it’s crucial to think about how you’d like to stay in touch with people. For example you may just want to text with friends but have a weekly Skype call with your family; staying connected is key and will be an essential part of helping others too.

  1. It’s ok to talk about feelings

Staying on top of your difficult feelings may seem like a daunting task, however it is perfectly normal to think about and assess how you feel on a regular basis. It is ok to talk about feelings, anxieties and concerns; what’s more is there are plenty of tools available to help boost your wellbeing and whether it’s with a colleague or a friend, talking is a great way to start.

  1. Create YOUR space

As the majority of us continue to work from home, it can be challenging to remain focussed. That’s why it’s key to create a workspace (if you haven’t already) where you can be productive and creative. Having a desk or a dedicated work corner will contribute towards maintaining the physical aspect of leaving work behind at the end of each day and will keep both your work and relaxation spaces separate.

  1. Keep a routine

We all like a little routine in our lives, although it may feel unnecessary to have one especially as we head into a potential lockdown over the winter months, it’s crucial for our wellbeing to remain in one. Actually, it is proven that routines are great for reducing stress levels and can also help provide a sense of achievement throughout each day.

  1. Stay active or find your hobby

Being active is a great way to boost your mental health and wellbeing and offers many other health benefits along the way. Our very own Gary is passionate about being healthy and spending time in nature and recently completed the World’s Marathons Autumn 100 Race while supporting two fantastic local charities too. If running is not your thing, why not reconnect with your favourite hobby or get lost in a good book to keep your mind active.

  1. Keep Learning

At Coacto, we are all committed to improving our personal skills as well as remaining on top of our mental health by utilising Trailhead from Salesforce. The platform is home to a plethora of quick and easy learning modules and covers a range of topics from platform specific to wellbeing. We definitely recommend the Camp Pono, Power of Movement and the Value of Sleep modules for when you need five minutes to yourself.

There are no easy solutions to the current situation that we are all faced with, but we do hope that our thoughts and tips are useful to helping you keep on top of your mental wellbeing and how you may feel in the coming winter months.

We’d love to hear your wellbeing tips, join us on social media and let’s stay connected.

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