Nominate your favourite Trailblazer to become a Salesforce MVP

Nominate your favourite Trailblazer to become a Salesforce MVP

That time of year has finally arrived once again – no, we’re not talking about the festive season! We’re talking about the extraordinary event on the Salesforce calendar where Trailblazers are able to celebrate an individual in the community by nominating them to become a Salesforce Most Valuable Partner (MVP).

Tell me more about Salesforce MVPs?

A Salesforce MVP is a lifelong learner who will always go above and beyond to share their expertise to help their entire community blaze trails. Each year nominations are welcomed to recognise exceptional leaders with the following characteristics:

  • Expertise: To be crowned a Salesforce MVP, it is expected that individuals will have and maintain a strong, current understanding of Salesforce products. They’ll often share their expertise through technical sessions, blog posts and other platforms.
  • Leadership: Salesforce MVPs are always looking for new opportunities to innovate and build paths for others Trailblazers to follow suit and are naturally supportive leaders to encourage others to succeed.
  • Generosity: MVPs are quite simply the ultimate connectors and mentors. In addition to their daily roles, they are always there to lend a helping hand to a member of the Salesforce Ohana and other communities.

Get nominating

Does someone in your Trailblazer community have the characteristics of a Salesforce MVP? There’s no better way to honour the Trailblazer who may have helped you enter into the Salesforce ecosystem or learn a new feature than by nominating them to become a Salesforce Most Valuable Player. 

Nominations are open and the Trailblazer community is ready to listen to who should be in the Salesforce MVP class of 2022 – we know who we’re voting for, do you? The winners will be announced in early 2022 but hurry, you only have until Friday 3rd December 2021 to vote for your favourite Trailblazer.

2 responses to “Nominate your favourite Trailblazer to become a Salesforce MVP”

  1. Malcolm Heeley says:

    Paul Harris, apart from running excellent Salesforce partner Coacto, founded the excellent Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group which has held some of the best User Group sessions (both face to face and virtual) I have been to, with Paul chairing them. Always extremely knowledgeable and able to share knowledge in a very accessible way, he leads by example in many areas such as green activities and charity support. He encourages other Trailblazers in their careers and is an excellent presenter in his own right, for example at Londons Calling. He gets my vote.

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