Meeting the new member of the Ohana: Brandy the Marketer

Meeting the new member of the Ohana: Brandy the Marketer

We always look forward to meeting new people and a brand new shiny Salesforce character is certainly no different! Earlier this month, we were thrilled to discover that Salesforce had welcomed Brandy the Marketer into their Ohana of fun-loving characters.

Wait, why does Salesforce have characters?

Over 20 years ago, Salesforce needed to work hard to determine exactly what CRM software could be. With the Salesforce CRM so easy to purchase, user friendly and much more democratic without difficulties of installation, maintenance, and constant upgrades, they needed something that reflected this and that’s when the characters were born!
Each of the Salesforce characters (of which there are many!) has a specific job and purpose and every character is an advocate of the Salesforce mission to make technology approachable, and accessible. Plus who doesn’t love a cute character and the awesome merch that comes with it?

Meet Brandy the Marketer

Brandy the Marketer is a fox and her personality has been made up of everything that inspires Salesforce based on the many high flying Trailblazers. By making up a list of their favourite qualities, Salesforce determined that marketers and foxes have more in common than you might think.

Check out some of Brandy’s main attributes below:

  • She’s adaptable: Because foxes thrive in diverse habitats Brandy is a welcome companion to marketers having to navigate unique landscapes in an all-digital and from-anywhere world.
  • She’s analytical: Like marketers today, foxes scan the field for data. They have an analytical approach to everything and just like marketers, they use their data to lead their strategy.
  • She’s adventurous: Foxes are always headed toward the next horizon and that’s why Brandy loves planning journeys, in particular customer journeys!
  • She’s approachable: Foxes are actually quite lovable and if you have met any  Trailblazer, you understand that you walk away inspired and with a smile on your face.
  • She’s a moment maker: Brandy helps marketers deliver amazing customer moments at the right place, at the right time and she’ll be on hand to deliver a customer relationship that lasts.

With her brilliant mind we think Brandy is a truly natural fit to the Salesforce family – Welcome! Learn more about Brandy and her new role.

Let’s say hi to the others

As part of the Salesforce Community, we are not alone when we say that there’s a little Salesforce character in each of us. Read on below to meet the some of the others in the Ohana but in particular those that relate to our Coacto team members:

Astro is the friendly go-to guide for everything Salesforce and the most popular mascot! He thrives on helping his colleagues to become the best at anything you want to do and is a true Trailblazer leader.

We think that our Founder and Principal Consultant, Paul is definitely an inspirational leader like Astro and provides positive encouragement to the whole team.

Codey is a maker and a builder. He’s the bear who’s not afraid of tackling projects and getting his paws dirty, all while having a great time.

Without a doubt, Gary, our Project Delivery & Operations Manager is most like Codey and works to build effective solutions for our customers.

Hootie McOwlface, is a Trailblazer character that is awesome at representing knowledge, skills and…credentials!

With her thirst for knowledge and eagerness to develop, our Salesforce Apprentice is certainly Hootie. Why, she even named her blog after the owl; Apprentice Hoots!

As you now know, Brandy is a welcome companion to marketers having to navigate unique landscapes.

Although not new on the scene like Brandy, we have to admit that our Marketing & Administration Executive, Jessica is a lot like Brandy navigating our digital-world.

Want to meet the others? Discover each and every character who has an important role in the Salesforce and Trailblazer community. Which Salesforce character do you think you are most like? 

Other exciting news

Brandy isn’t the only new thing on the Salesforce scene, no sir! Earlier this month, Salesforce also announced an exciting new streaming platform called Salesforce+ not to mention the event dates for Dreamforce which will be available live on the new app. But more on our blog next week…

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