Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group: The importance of a data playbook

Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group: The importance of a data playbook

We can’t believe the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group was well over a month ago! It was great to organise and host the group on Thursday 19th May 2022 and the first event in a hybrid capacity! The evening provided incredible knowledge from the Salesforce community including Christine Marshall, Buyan Thyagarajan and Rangan Goldsmith.

Last week we shared the highlights from Buyan Thyagarajan and his fun meme filled session on how Developers are from Mars and Admins are from Venus. This week, we bring to you a super summary of the importance of caring for the data required across a project.

Rangan Goldsmith, awesome application architect

We were excited to have Rangan join our Community Group. With her repertoire of skills in the Salesforce ecosystem including being a certified system and application architect, it was great to listen to some stories from her 15 + years Salesforce career…so far.

Dealing with data volumes

Rangan’s super detailed session dived deep into the world of data and got us thinking about why data is so important and why it should be cared about at each stage of the project delivery process.

So, why is data important?

During the session Rangan explained how data can help us make informed decisions and maintain the results required. It also can play a key role in finding the relevant solutions to complicated problems and can help to ensure that the relevant resources are available.

Why is a data playbook essential?

Rangan’s detailed session also indicated the need for a data playbook when delivering projects. The data playbook should contain a reusable structure of questions that can be asked throughout the project lifecycle but there was also a caveat to ensure the right questions are asked at the right time.

Looking out for warning signs and taking proactive measures to reduce project risks is also essential to include as well as encouraging key data strategies including back up, archival and compliance processes.

The data lifecycle

The session also detailed the four phases required to deliver a successful data project. The steps, similar to a typical project lifecycle, included discovery, design, delivery and maintenance.

What was your favourite part of Rangan’s session?

See you in September 2022!

We’ve already started planning for our next hybrid event which will be held on Thursday 22nd September 2022 from 6pm. We’ve got two fantastic speakers lined up for you including Vicki Moritz-Henry and Amy Oplinger-Singh. Head over to the Trailblazer platform for more details and to register.

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