3 steps to staying business ready during COVID-19

3 steps to staying business ready during COVID-19

“It’s a chance for you to breathe in and put together a plan for the next year for your business

Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank star and self-made property mogul) has shared her wisdom for persevering in this pandemic. If you are wondering how to continue moving your business forward during these unprecedented times, here are a few tips that might help!

1) Be active in the silence

Corcoran remarks that there is always silence after a crisis and that it is wise to actively prepare for the silence. What can you do while you wait for certain things to fall back into place? Maybe consider a change to your website, or your approach to social media, or how you keep in touch with your customers. Whatever you do – don’t stop marketing!

Use the silence to benefit you in the long run and take care of those tasks which you’ve been saving for a rainy day. That rainy day has arrived!

2) Be ready for what comes next

There will be an end to this pandemic, even if we can’t accurately predict when that will be. Corcoran advises that businesses should start working on deals for when that date comes – if that involves cutting your prices, offering deals or planning a year ahead, just go for it! Be proactive in finding new customers, reassuring your current customers and keep moving. Our Principal Consultant, Paul, suggests that businesses should be working on how they are going to come out of this situation stronger than they went in.

3) Be there for your customers

Figure out a way of not only reassuring your customers, but giving them confidence in you. If you have a manageable number of customers, why not reach out individually? I’m sure we’re all grateful for contact with people at this time, so a phone call or even video call could mean a lot! 

See if there is something you could change about your process to give some good news at this time – a discounted service, or some free consultations perhaps. Whatever works for your business! We all need to look out for each other and help wherever we can.

We are grateful that things are business as usual here at Coacto.

We’re moving forward on some great projects with some of our customers who have taken the view that now is actually the best time to undertake new projects or make some enhancements or changes that might have been put on the back burner.  Now is actually a great opportunity to make the best use of this time whilst business may be a little quieter. 

To help organisations who may be struggling financially or whose resources may be furloughed, we are offering our services by the hour during the lockdown period.  We are happy to take on any project large or small, or maybe you just need some help and support.
Put your details into our free consultation form so we can arrange  a chat with one of our project team.  We would love to speak with you (and not just because we like having new people to talk to!)

We hope you are finding ways to persevere in this time, both personally and within your work. Stay safe and stay home!

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