Want to get more from your CRM? Try these 5 top tips!

Want to get more from your CRM? Try these 5 top tips!

Implementing a CRM software, like Salesforce.com is considered to be a top priority for many businesses and according to research from Gartner, organisations are heavily focussed on customer satisfaction and retention, both of which can be achieved through a successful CRM implementation.

Although having an effective CRM is a great start for securing business growth, it does require regular attention, just like a garden to keep it in tip top shape.  A good implementation will be delivering business benefit through automation, staff efficiency, better customer satisfaction, and removal of manual tasks. This means you should be getting a decent return on investment.

According to research Agile CRM, only six out of ten businesses are utilising their existing CRM implementations to its full potential; meaning almost half of businesses are missing out on the power this tool can provide. 

To help you along we’ve developed five top tips that will help businesses get more out your Salesforce CRM:

1. The power of Lead Scoring: Do you know whether a particular lead is sales-ready or not? Salesforce offers ways to develop a lead scoring model to categorise leads to enable teams to focus on the most important ones. We’ve done this for several customers who wanted a way for the leads with the best fit to be put at the top of list.  The Salesforce add-on Einstein lead scoring can be used to analyse all of the standard and custom fields using artificial intelligence to determine the leads most likely to convert.

You can also further help both your marketing and sales teams by utilising KPIs to check activity and score based on email opens, clicks and subscriptions as well as any direct responses.

2. Wrap up those Warm Leads with list views: It’s always best practice to contact the hot leads you may receive first of course and the lead scoring can help with thatbut don’t forget to wrap up your warm leads. The information collected on warm leads can provide a vital source of potential conversions to opportunities.  Use list views with list filters or even a Kanban view to manage and track your leads in a single screen to help improve productivity. 

3. Get creative with Email Templates: Did you know that you can send marketing emails directly from your Salesforce CRM system? You can use predefined email templates that can be purposed to your specific campaign, followup or ongoing dialogue. This can save users a huge amount of time and also means all the communication they receive is all located in one place. In Lightning email templates have been given a dose of vitamins and are really powerful, with some great new features and their own tab!  Check out the details here.

4. Utilise that Contact History: Salesforce talks about customer 360 for good reason.  The data collected from your leads, opportunities and contacts can be used right your business to help improve customer engagement, create upsell opportunities, customer retention and employee satisfaction. For example, the sales team or even the support team can utilise any contact history to onboard a customer, to solve problems and create a more positive experience for everyone involved.

5. Achieve more efficient processes with integrations: Having a CRM that integrates directly with your other business systems can create an end to end system that fully leverages your technology, staff and system investment.  Many organisations work in a disconnected way with their technology and this can reduce employment engagement, create failure points and reduce profitability. Third-party apps can provide a vast amount of opportunities to upgrade your systems and process, Utilising the Salesforce AppExchange can help your business to connect your existing CRM with your social media, ERP, financial accounts and even your telephone system and many more.

By reviewing these five tips, you will be able to take your Salesforce CRM software to the next level and take advantage of more opportunities to increase the growth, scalability and profitability of your business.  

We’ve had lots of experience working with organisations to help them maximise their return on investment for their Salesforce CRM system.  Need some help? Want to make the most of your Salesforce CRM system or want to speak to someone about implementing the platform into your business? 

Our expert team has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2002 and can deliver Salesforce implementation, configuration, development, integration and support and training to your team.

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