Celebrate Earth Month with Coacto

Celebrate Earth Month with Coacto

April is often a month to be celebrated, with Easter celebrations and the highly anticipated arrival of Spring to name a few; but it’s also an important time to celebrate the planet we call home during Earth Month.

What is Earth Month?

Earth Month is celebrated every April in the weeks leading up to Earth Day, which takes place on 22 April. The initiative encourages action and participation to focus on the urgent need for environmental sustainability and is recognised as the largest civic event in the world.

As the world starts to return to normal with a lingering pandemic, it’s more important than ever to ensure that we all don’t go back to business as usual and take time to think about actions to benefit Earth Month.

Restore Our Earth 

Each year Earth Day has a specific theme and for 2021, it is Restore Our Earth™.  From 20 – 22 April, world leaders will discuss how we can prevent disasters on climate change along with other positive actions being held including:

  • Global Youth Climate Summit | 20 April: Earth Day begins with a global youth climate summit and consists of panels, speeches and discussions with today’s youth climate activists.
  • Education International | 21 April: The multilingual virtual summit will span across the world and feature prominent speakers from every continent to focus on the key role that the education system should play in raising awareness.
  • Earth Day | 22 April: EarthDay.org will host their second live digital event where there’ll be important workshops, panel discussions and other sessions to focus on the Restore Our Earth theme.

You can keep a track on all of the discussions directly through Earth Day’s social media channels and website.

How YOU can make a difference

There are many ways that you can make a difference for Earth Month and Earth Day as an individual such as fundraising activities or by simply cleaning up the trash in your local area and you could even help us by growing more trees!

Coacto is passionate about the environment and is one of our core values as a business. We wanted to make a practical difference to showcase this and teamed up with BuddyBurst to create our very own Coacto Seedsticks.

Each packet includes five seeds for Alder Trees which are native to the UK and are perfect for planting in your garden. They are one of the UK’s smaller native trees and have a light, delicate appearance with grey bark and can transform a small space in your garden with delightful greenery. They’re easy to plant and easy to care for, all you have to do is request one!

Order your Coacto Seedstick packet for FREE on our website here, then we’ll send it directly to you and together we can help improve the environment and take care of our Earth this April.

How BUSINESSES can make a difference

As a business it can be challenging to determine how you can effectively make a difference to the environment, but in actual fact there are many simple steps you can take to have a positive impact. From offering and encouraging volunteering opportunities as well as embodying an environmental culture and adopting certain principles into the business structure can have excellent outcomes that are not only great for the planet but empowering for the team too!

Trailhead, the online learning platform from Salesforce, actually has some brilliant Trails on how a business can become more sustainable. Why not complete the Trails below?

Community Efforts

Salesforce is committed to harnessing the culture of innovation to improve the state of the world and leverage the power of people and their products to reduce the impact on the planet. Salesforce has net-zero emissions for its operations globally and delivers customers a carbon neutral cloud. Coacto is proud to be a part of the Salesforce community and as a recognised Salesforce partner, the alignment of our values is certainly something we celebrate! 

We’re also proud to be recognised as a Pledge 1% member, which provides an easy way to leverage a portion of your future success to support nonprofits in your community ensuring that your time and money is helping initiatives that need it most.

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