Get growing with a Coacto Seedstick

Coacto is passionate about caring for the environment and improving the world that we all live in and these act as the main core values for our business. We wanted to make a practical difference to showcase this and teamed up with BuddyBurst to create our very own Coacto Seedsticks.

You can discover more about our environmental efforts in our Coacto Year of Change blogs.

About our Seedsticks

Each packet includes five seeds for Alder Trees which are native to the UK and are perfect for planting in your garden. They are one of the UK’s smaller native trees and have a light, delicate appearance with grey bark and can transform a small space in your garden with delightful greenery. They’re easy to plant and care for, all you have to do is request one!

Let’s get growing!

Coacto Seedsticks are super easy to plant, just follow these simple steps and your Alder Tree will be growing in no time!

We’d love to see how it grows! Keep us posted on social media by using the hashtag #SalesforceSeedstick and #CoactoConsulting. Don’t forget to tag us using @consultcoacto too!

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