Winter ‘22 Featured Five: New mobile homepage and email templates

Winter ‘22 Featured Five: New mobile homepage and email templates

It’s been a while since Salesforce released the Winter 22’ features – we’re hoping you’re familiar with some of the new functions by now? But, with so many useful functionalities launched in the latest release, we didn’t have enough room to list them all in our blog. Over the past two weeks, we’ve shared some of our favourites in our featured five blogs. If you haven’t already we highly suggest you check them out below:

Now’s the time to share our final featured five of Coacto’s Winter ‘22 Release favourites:

New mobile homepage

This feature was previously only available in beta but now the ‘Mobile Home’ feature is available for both Android and iOS users and provides Salesforce mobile users with a new homepage and the ability to customise the visual aspects that are displayed with the content they care about most.

Restriction rules

Although restriction rules were first launched as part of the Summer ‘21 release, they are a feature that deserves attention. Restrictions rules were only able to be opened with access to Salesforce, which meant if someone wanted to restrict access, everyone would need to have their access revoked and then sharing features would allow them to regain access – long winded we know! Now users can develop rules that specifically control a subset of records and specified groups to see. It has also been announced that scoping rules are now available to remove unnecessary records when users are searching.

Email templates

The email template builder has received some major updates as part of the Winter ‘22 release. Users are now able to send even better looking emails with the use of rows and columns, column padding, indentations and longer subject lines.

List emails

This feature offers a great way for sales representatives to send their own email marketing directly out from the Salesforce platform. Previously, emails had to be sent using Salesforce which led to particular issues like the email looking like it was from a system and not an individual. Salesforce is now running a pilot feature that allows users to send emails using their own email provider such as Gmail. Learn more with this handy resource.

Upcoming and overdue activities

This is a vital part of ensuring that users get a quick overview of previous communication and tasks. Salesforce has now provided an option to ‘sort order’. Users will now be able to show newest, upcoming or overdue activities first or to show the oldest first.  Since tasks are the oxygen of getting things done, we really like anything that makes it easier to manage tasks.

That’s a wrap on our Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release featured five blogs – we hope you enjoyed them. For more information and details on the Winter ‘22 Release, this Trailhead Module might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Have you noticed these new features within your platform but not sure how to ensure that they are configured? Our Salesforce Certified team is available to provide as much or as little support that you may need – Request the right support for your business.]

We also recommend you read through the official Release Notes where you can get the full details on each feature. Plus why not check out how you prepare for every release with this useful Trailhead.

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