Winter ‘22 Featured Five: Forecasting and Orchestrating

Winter ‘22 Featured Five: Forecasting and Orchestrating

The Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release has been out in the open for a short while, but we’re still revelling in the variety of new features and functionalities operating across all Salesforce Orgs.

We simply couldn’t list all of the fabulous features in one go and that’s why we’re sharing our favourites over the coming weeks.

Check out this week’s featured five of Coacto’s Winter ‘22 Release favourites:


There were originally four forecasting types and those of you who know and love collaborative forecasting will already know about Pipeline, Best Case, Commit & Closed. Salesforce has now added a fifth category and will allow teams to further identify their opportunities as Most Likely.  Be sure to map the Most Likely category to one or more opportunity stages or you can assign opportunities individually to Most Likely.

Your account (aka Checkout)

Your very own account will have also received a bit of a revamp. You will now be able to review Salesforce invoices, products and the contracts you have available in a more user friendly format.


Dynamic interactions will allow developers to create a Lightning component that reacts directly to a user activity based on another component. This is particularly good for showing a location of a user directly on a map for example.

Inline editing

Inline editing within reports was initially introduced in the Summer ‘21 release. The feature helps users to edit data directly in a report but now it also allows you to edit date, picklist and lookup fields. It has been a while coming, but what a great new feature to improve usability.

Flow orchestrator

This new feature allows Admins to create a multi-user automation for business processes with just a few clicks…no pesky code involved here. Different flows and approval processes can now be linked together.  Check out the new Flow Orchestrator.

That’s it on our Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release featured five for this week. Don’t miss more features and functionalities available as part of the release right here on our Coacto blog next week.

If you can’t wait until then, this Module available on Trailhead by Salesforce is super helpful.

If your business uses Salesforce, you may have already noticed some of the new release features within your platform but some will require some configuration to enable. Our Salesforce Certified team is available to provide as much or as little support that you may need. Contact us on 033 0233 0229 or visit our website.

P.S – we definitely recommend you read through the official Release Notes where you can get the full details on each feature when you get a moment. Plus why not check out how you prepare for every release with this useful Trailhead.

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