What not to expect as a Salesforce Consultant?

What not to expect as a Salesforce Consultant?

After becoming a Consultant, were there things you discovered that you did not expect? Our founder and Principal Consultant, Paul Harris is going to be sharing his top ten things you might not expect to encounter as a consultant at the Supermums Consultancy Dreamin’ event this July.

Supermums Consultancy Dreamin’

Supermums Consultancy Dreamin’ is a NEW event for 2021 and was created by certified Salesforce consultants for anyone who is or wants to be a Salesforce consultant. The event will provide tailored content surrounding every inch of what there is to know, learn and develop within the Salesforce consulting industry. 

With six Tracts to choose from, they’ll be plenty of tips and advice from experts about getting the most out of a career as a Salesforce Consultant including:

  • Skills Tract: Get a snapshot into the skill set of a Consultant that goes beyond just product knowledge.
  • Experience Tract: Discover first hand insights into managing projects and working with customers.
  • Tools Tract: Explore the range of tools available designed to help consultants manage and deliver their Salesforce implementations.
  • Solutions Tract: Learn top tips on consulting and putting the right products and solutions in place for customers.
  • Careers Tract: Find out how you can begin your own Consulting career journey and learn from those who have.
  • Trailblazer Tract: Listen to inspiring and exceptional Trailblazer stories.

Ten things you might not expect as a consultant

Gathered together from nearly 20 years experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, Coacto’s Founder and Principal Consultant, Paul Harris is delighted to be sharing his knowledge and insights through an Experience Tract during the event. His session on ‘Ten things you might not expect from being a consultant’ will provide you with a detailed explanation of some of the requirements that may be expected of you that weren’t on your radar and how to manage them effectively.

What is it that you might not expect? You’ll have to sign up and join Paul’s session on Thursday 8th July from 10:30am to find out.

Purchase your tickets 

The Supermums Consultancy Dreamin’ event will be taking place on Thursday 8th July from 10am. What’s more is the event is being held virtually and all of the content will be available through the Hopin platform. All speaker content is pre-recorded BUT they will be live on each of their sessions so you can connect in real time and answer your burning questions.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased directly from the Consultancy Dreamin’ website here.

Hope to see you there!

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