Tracking sales statistics with Salesforce

Tracking sales statistics with Salesforce

It is often considered as time consuming and tedious, but sales performance tracking can be an essential part of not only growth but fulfilment too. Statistics tracking can lead to an increase in team morale, collaboration and a good indication on growth across the whole board.

If your organisation already has a customer relationship management tool in place, statistics tracking is more often than not an integral feature. A CRM, like Salesforce Sales Cloud can provide the relevant tracking communications and here’s why we recommend you keep check on the stats:

  • All about the numbers: Prospecting can be made easier if the team understands it is a numbers game. Tracking the right data can provide enough insight to confidently determine what those numbers are and can provide the lever you need to accelerate business.
  • Create competition: Stimulating competition is a great way to encourage the desire to excel! In the Salesforce Sales Cloud, dashboards can be generated to disclose the required data where teams can see exactly where figures need to be boosted.
  • Continuous improvement: Understanding numbers is key. With a clear vision of what needs to be reached, the sales team has something to review regularly to iterate and improve upon. At the same time, if numbers are down, you can quickly determine where they are down and make appropriate adjustments to fix them.
  • Training tools: Keeping track of sales statistics can be a great tool for training new salespeople who join the team. It can highlight areas of growth and in turn recognise the good methods and knowledge required to instil within new members of the team.

Tracking numbers is good for any business and with Salesforce Sales Cloud, your team can monitor and track performance on a daily basis by utilising reports and dashboards. If your sales team is ready to reach new goals, speak to our team about implementing Sales Cloud or talk to us about how to upgrade your existing CRM system.

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