Cotswolds Community Group: Tackle everyday like an Architect

Cotswolds Community Group: Tackle everyday like an Architect

As we edge very close to our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group this week, we’re delighted to share an outlook on what content you can expect. Check out our latest Speaker Spotlight below ↓

There’s some brilliant knowledge to be anticipated during this month’s meeting including the Hive customer technology journey with Neil Procter and how you can utilise great new flow functionality with Pawel Dobrzynski. This week, our Speaker Spotlight belongs to Melissa Shepard.

Speaker Spotlight: Melissa Shepard

Joining us all the way from Boston, Melissa is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with over 20 years of experience in information technology and software development and has focussed primarily on Salesforce CRM for the past 15  years. 

Did you know there are many skills you can bring into your day-to-day job as an admin or developer to actually help you put on your “architect hat” and go beyond just solving the problem at hand. 

Melissa will share how you can expand your thinking to take into consideration the bigger picture, as an architect would and using some common skills used to solve business problems. The session will also cover some of these skills and show you how to apply these to common business scenarios so that you, too, can problem solve like an architect!

The Key Takeaways

Melissa’s session will include some great takeaways such as:

  • Utilise skills to go beyond solving the problem
  • Applying common skills to solve problems like an architect

Sign up to join us

Interested to learn more and use your skills across a broader spectrum? We suggest you join us from 6pm on Thursday 27th May for our Cotswolds Community Group. We really hope you can make it and sign up for the event on the Salesforce User Group platform here. Also you can keep up to date with the latest updates and become a part of the Cotswolds Community in our Chatter Group!

Hope to see you at the Cotswolds Community Group this week!

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