Keeping things Private with Salesforce

Keeping things Private with Salesforce

Researching solutions that will help to improve your customer service delivery and overall staff productivity all while maintaining excellent privacy policies can seem like a headache. But with Salesforce, you can rest assured knowing that all of your systems are safe and sound.

Building trust is a high priority at Salesforce and huge efforts are made to ensure that the privacy and security of corporate customers’ data is top notch. Each product is designed and built with privacy at the forefront ensuring that users are provided with the right tools that comply with the obligations required by applicable privacy laws including the EU GDPR regulations.

Rest assured with secure customer experiences

With data intelligence becoming a more prevalent way to understand and engage with customers, it is important for companies to remain accountable for the safeguarding of their own data. That’s why Salesforce provides increased transparency and control of your own customers’ data making sure it’s safe and compliant along the way.

Honour individual privacy rights

The Salesforce Platform offers customers with a rich set of features to help your business meet all of the legal obligations required especially when it comes to accessing, exporting, updating or deleting your customer data. There are also plenty of features to help with Consent Management and tracking opt-out requests.

An extra layer of security

Security has been built into every layer of the Platform to help with replication, back-up and disaster recovery planning. What’s more is that network services have encryption in transit and advanced threat detections. An extra special layer of trust is also tucked in with Salesforce Shield.

Discover more about privacy with Salesforce

You can find out more about what privacy and security protection is available through Salesforce here and to understand and keep up to date with how Salesforce Privacy is performing, we recommend visiting

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