Cotswolds Community Group: Salesforce Access

Cotswolds Community Group: Salesforce Access

Our first Community Group of 2021 is due to take place later this month and we’re excited for you to join us and hear from our inspiring community.

We’ve got some brilliant sessions lined up from recovering lost data with John Whitehead to being more productive with Salesforce with Jasmine Ashley but this week our Speaker Spotlight goes to James Ellis, Salesforce Technical Architect at Vonage.

Speaker Spotlight: James Ellis

James Ellis is a Salesforce Technical Architect at Vonage where they work to create more flexible & unified communications within organisations. James is a self-confessed ‘Archidevmin’ and has a passion for helping Salesforce customers realise their goals – We like your thinking James!

Controlling access is important

As an Admin, do you often find yourself asking ‘Why can they still do that!’ when working with Salesforce user access settings? Why is it that a user or users can continue to perform certain actions in Salesforce even though it may appear that you have removed that ability from them? It turns out that YOU can get answers to these questions quickly using SOQL queries.

James’ session on Thursday 25th February at the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group will cover why controlling access is important, what is a SOQL Query and how to make one, some example queries to answer questions around an example scenario, and how those queries can be baked into a useful Salesforce Application.

The Key Takeaways

There’ll be a plenty of key takeaways to benefit from following James’ session, including: 

  • Why controlling customer access is important
  • What a SOQL query is and how you can implement it
  • How queries can be used in usefully within Salesforce applications

Hear more about what James has got planned in the video below:

Sign up for the eventIf you are looking to learn how to manage Salesforce Access more effectively, we highly recommend you join us on Thursday 25th February from 6pm. We’d love to see you there so be sure to sign up for the event on the Salesforce User Group platform here and don’t forget you can join our Cotswolds Community on the user group’s very own Chatter Group!

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