Apprentice Hoots: Growing my network

Apprentice Hoots: Growing my network

Charlotte has been researching and attending local and national networking events virtually and more recently, in person! Discover Charlotte’s thoughts and feelings about networking in a niche market in the latest Apprentice Hoots blog.

Growing my network

As part of my apprenticeship, I have learnt that having practical experience is key to my development and networking is no different. Networking is a vital exercise to promote growth within a business and in the work-from-anywhere world we are experiencing, I have had the opportunity to network with a variety of local businesses and even attend my first ever physical networking event too.

Fireside Chat with Hivemind

Every other Thursday Hivemind virtually conducts a Fireside chat, where a guest speaker shares an idea or a topic for 10 minutes and then the attendees have a group discussion around the learning, full of questions, shared experiences and individual insights. What I enjoy about this style of networking is the different perspectives and the casual format. So far during my attendance, I have found the knowledge to be very helpful with all of the tips that are provided as well as building my networking skills and connections as we’re always encouraged to post our LinkedIn profiles to share ideas in the future.

Hub8 Co-working Space

Coacto are based within a coworking serviced office, Hub8. What’s great about Hub8, is that it provides a growing network of innovation spaces in and around Cheltenham, that brings together start-ups, SMEs and global companies in the cyber-tech, digital, creative sectors, academia, government and the wider community – so networking can often be a daily occurrence here! It just so happens that this week they are hosting an actual physical no frills networking event, served with cake. I’ll let you know what it’s like… and of course the networking too!

Community Groups

One of the great things about the Salesforce ecosystem is that communities are encouraged to get together to network and share knowledge at local user community groups. As mentioned in my previous Apprentice Hoots blog, Coacto actually hosted the Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group virtually yesterday evening and it was great to hear from all of the speakers and chat to members of the community.


Since joining Coacto, I have recognised the importance of having a professional social media presence and I have worked to achieve this by connecting with everyone I meet along my apprenticeship journey on LinkedIn. In particular, I can now interact with my fellow apprentices and connect with potential customers, suppliers and other professionals.

I’m looking forward to continuing to raise my professional profile and connect with other like minded individuals as I move forward in my journey. If you have been enjoying my blog series so far, it’d be great if we could connect on LinkedIn so you can follow my journey further.

Owl see you later…

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