Must have lessons from Pei Mun Lim – Cotswolds Community Group

Must have lessons from Pei Mun Lim – Cotswolds Community Group

We can’t believe it’s almost been one whole month since our Cotswolds Community Group on Thursday 9th September. We were thrilled with such an awesome line up and it was great to see so many members of the Salesforce community join us for an evening of learning and chatting.

Throughout the event, our members were treated to interesting sessions including formulas and life hacks for the everyday admin with Steve Molis and knowledge you need for growing your team with Simon Bozzoli. This week, we want to go over the engaging session we were treated to with Pei Mun Lim at Zenhao on how to be a ‘SaConja’.

A ‘SaConja’ gets the job done…

With her quirky drawings and inspirational outlook, you may have seen Pei Mun Lim adding value to the Salesforce Ohana across various channels. As a Salesforce Programme Manager, Consulting Trainer and Coach at Zenhao, Pei’s mission is to create high quality consultant individuals who can deliver outstanding projects.

So, what on earth is a ‘SaConja’? Well for those of you who missed our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group in September, it was actually started as a joke. Pei decided to give herself the title of “Chief Commander of the Ninja Warrior Assassins of the Future” BUT someone pointed out that the word Ninja could be misconstrued because they were lethal in feudal Japan. To cut to the chase, Pei conjured up the word ‘SaConja’, which stands for Salesforce Consultant Ninja to better reflect her skills in the Salesforce world.

During Pei’s highly interactive session at our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group, it was explained how poor misunderstanding of requirements and mismanagement of expectations are the top two main causes of project challenges.

How to be a super ‘SaConja’…

When working with a customer to develop a high performing CRM system, there is a huge process required for the consulting team to actually figure out what the problem is, and how to fix that problem. Throughout the presentation, Pei explained the steps needed to get to the heart of the problem of a Salesforce discovery and how important they are. Learn the steps to becoming a ‘SaConja’ below:

  1. Actively listen: The true art of listening can often be underrated. By using this skill you can avoid any potential conflicts by providing a listening ear that isn’t judgmental or assumptive.
  2. Ask insightful questions: When tackling a discovery process, it’s important to not assume and to question everything. Use Socratic Questioning techniques to ask great questions and clarify the thinking and understanding of the customer, challenge their assumptions, consider alternative perspectives, consider implications and consequences and other meta questions.
  3. Communicate clearly: Once you’ve peeled back the layers to figure out what the real problem is, SaConja’s have to deploy effective communication skills to replay the understanding of the customer’s situation.
  4. Manage expectations: The most important thing to remember is to manage expectations. Almost all disputes, disagreements, lawsuits, resignations, breakups, divorces, and arguments are down to mismanagement of expectations. 

What was your favourite part of Pei’s session?

See you in November!

We’ve already got some great content in the line up for our November event…and we’re on the lookout for some more Salesforce trivia too! Registration is now open and you can sign up to attend on the Trailblazer Platform.
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