Supermum’s Consultancy Dreamin’ 2021: Summary

Supermum’s Consultancy Dreamin’ 2021: Summary

Last Thursday (8th July 2021) our team were delighted to enjoy a day of knowledge, networking and learning at the first ever community event delivered by Supermum’s for consultants. Consultancy Dreamin’ was a brand new event for 2021 and was developed by certified Salesforce consultants for experienced consultants and consultants-to-be from around the globe.

Catering for the old and new

Developed by Supermums, the effective Salesforce training and recruitment specialists, Consultancy Dreamin’ was full to the brim of tailored content. Each and every session provided useful knowledge and information covering every inch of what there is to know, learn and experience within the Salesforce consulting industry. 

There were six ‘Tracts’ to choose from, each of which had a plethora of engaging speakers and note-worthy content to inspire new and highly experienced consulting professionals. Knowledge was shared with delegates through the following tracts;  Skills, Experience, Tools, Solutions, Careers and Trailblazer.

Hosted on the Hopin platform, it was simpler than ever to choose, watch and learn from the vast amount of information available and interact in real time with the speakers in the Q&A function.

Community Focussed

We love being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem and it never fails to provide us with an overwhelming sense of community, support, knowledge and experience sharing. Although the event was hosted in a virtual environment, the sense of community was better than ever. Team Coacto were delighted to have connected with so many like minded individuals and to have gained some excellent contacts that we look forward to potentially working with in the future.

Learning and lessons

Salesforce related events always provide our team with excellent learning opportunities and of course Consultancy Dreamin’ also proved to be popular. In particular our Salesforce Apprentice Charlotte, who is currently working through her Salesforce journey with a view to becoming a consultant one day found many of the sessions extremely useful.

Here’s a few of our favourites learning sessions:

  • Paul Harris – 10 Things you might not expect being a consultant: Our very own founder and principal consultant, Paul Harris joined the Experience Tract line up by offering up his knowledge on the ten things you might not expect being a Salesforce consultant. The session was brilliantly received and created some key conversational topics in the live chat.
  • Francis Pindar – The key ‘one-pagers’ every consultant should use: Francis shared some valuable insights into the one-pagers that every consultant should use and as always, his session was delivered with a great amount of infectious flair!
  • Paul Battisson – 10 things every consultant can learn from Jurassic Park: Paul Battisson did a great job of reversing the scenarios in the classic film into real life situations often faced by a Salesforce consultant.
  • Ben McCarthy – The reality of running a consultancy business: It was really interesting to hear from Ben about his thoughts and experiences on the reality of running a consultancy business.
  • Adam Spearing – How to avoid top 3 consultant mistakes: Adam’s keynote provided some excellent advice on how to be a trusted advisor and critical friend, ensure that the business and IT teams are involved throughout the implementation and provide governance to set up for long term success.
  • PLUS, so many more!

There were many useful resources shared via the speakers that were highly recommend, in particular the following:

  • Cloud Johann: For all things related to Salesforce architecture, we recommend that you check out
  • Forcepreneur: This website is a treasure trove of information for those working within the Salesforce cosmos. Discover everything there is to know and more on

What was your favorite session during the day?

Thank you to the Supermums team!

Our thanks go out to the Supermums team for organising such a successful (and first ever) Consultancy Dreamin’ event. In particular our thanks go out to Heather Black, Jennifer Wood, Keir Bowden, Chelyn Briand and Emma Keeling for all of their support in the lead up to and during the event and Paul’s Experience Tract. Without your hard work and determination the event wouldn’t have been the same – Round of applause for you all!

In case you missed out on a few sessions or the whole event, registered attendees can still view the content over on the Hopin app (keep your eyes peeled for full details from Jennifer Wood in your inbox soon) or you can check out the schedule in full here.

Hope to see you at Consultancy Dreamin’ in 2022?!

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