The Coacto Cloudies tackle the CCP Cheltenham Challenge

The Coacto Cloudies tackle the CCP Cheltenham Challenge

Last week, you’ll have seen that our team were busy preparing to take on the Cheltenham Challenge hosted by the Caring for Communities and People Charity (CCP) here in Gloucestershire. And today, we’re back with an update on how our team, the Coacto Cloudies performed… read on to discover how they tackled the challenge.

The Cheltenham Challenge 2021

When word first reached us that the annual Cheltenham Challenge hosted by CCP was going virtual for 2021, our team jumped at the opportunity. No strangers to a good exercise challenge, we registered for the multi-terrain, multi-distance event and began training for varying distances to complete over the designated weekend (Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd May) in May 2021.

As the event was hosted in a virtual capacity, participants were able to choose their preferred route and the amount of time they’d like to take, whilst tracking their progress in the Cheltenham Challenge Facebook Group. The Facebook Group provided an excellent sense of community and it was great to follow the journey of others.

Team Coacto Cloudies!

Always up for supporting local initiatives, our team agreed to tackle the Cheltenham Challenge at varying distances from the 5K to Half Marathon – even our little Coacto team-mates embraced the opportunity! As a team of Salesforce professionals, it only seemed right to create a team name relevant to our industry and so we went with The Coacto Cloudies. Salesforce is one of the largest CRM’s in the world and operates on a cloud platform but also has a lovable character named Cloudy whose purpose is to ‘keep everyone together and on track.’ A good mantra that our team adopted throughout the challenge.

Check out The Coacto Cloudies and their achievements below:

  • Paul Harris | Half Marathon: This was Paul’s first half marathon which he smashed in just under 2 hours.
  • Lorna Harris | 10K: Lorna finished her 10K in two sections, the last one with our mini-runner Amalie.
  • Amalie Harris | 5K: Amalie thrived during her 5K and was pleased to tuck into a cake as a reward after!
  • Gary Freeman | Half Marathon: Running alongside Paul, Gary tackled his one of many half marathons in excellent time.
  • Clare Freeman | 10K: Similar to Lorna, Clare completed her 10K in two sections with Zachary joining her for the remaining 5K.
  • Zachary Freeman | 5K: Our other mini-runner, Zachary also achieved his 5K and delved into a sweet treat after too!
  • Charlotte Townsend | 10K: Charlotte completed the 10K in just under an hour and then went on to complete another 2k in the afternoon. 
  • George Day | 10K: Joining Charlotte, George was pleased to complete the 10K in just under an hour.
L-R: Gary Freeman, George Day, Charlotte Townsend, Paul Harris

Thanks to CCP!

Finally, we’d like to send a big thank you to CCP. Without their hard work and dedication, the Cheltenham Challenge wouldn’t have been possible. By taking part in the challenge, the Coacto Cloudies are proud to have supported the CCP’s frontline staff who are tackling the causes and effects of homelessness, family breakdown and exclusion everyday. To discover more about the fantastic work that the CCP conducts or to provide a donation, please visit their website.

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