Salesforce resources for the whole community

Salesforce resources for the whole community

When it comes to working within a global technical-based community, there are often many perks. Last week we explained how the Salesforce ecosystem provides great opportunities to network with like-minded people, but it’s not just the events and networking that make the community special. There are a huge number of inspirational, helpful and positive resources available for use across the entire community. Resources are learning materials that can be used for support or help to take advantage of, and the Salesforce ecosystem is by no means short of them! This week we wanted to share a few of our favourites.

Salesforce Trailhead

We’ve spoken about this fabulous resource before, but it’s so brilliant that it deserves another mention – especially for those who aren’t familiar with the platform. Trailhead provides a fun learning environment with gamification elements to help users gain incredible knowledge across the whole Salesforce product offering as well as company values and the community.

Salesforce MVPs

There are so many positive opportunities to make a difference in the Salesforce ecosystem and each year passionate product experts are given the prestigious title of Most Valuable Person or MVP. Individuals can be nominated to become a Salesforce MVP based on their level of expertise, commitment to share knowledge to help others learn Salesforce and connect with the Trailblazer Community. Salesforce MVPs offer a great foundation of knowledge for anyone in the ecosystem and here are some of our favourites to watch and learn from:

Salesforce Community Groups

Salesforce Community Groups provide a structure for discussions and activities across the whole Salesforce community. Whether they are physical or virtual, Community Group events are a great way to connect with other Salesforce users but also offer a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities with detailed sessions and demonstrations. Speaking of communities, we’re hosting our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group on Thursday 25th November 2021. Be sure to register to hear from Connie Hazendonk and Louise Lockie.


Another great resource within the Salesforce community is SalesforceBEN. Created by Ben McCarthy who is a fully trained Salesforce Consultant, SalesforceBEN is an online resource that is full to the brim with news, features and certification information. Those looking to take on their next Salesforce certification can also use the website to take detailed practice exams and enjoy a range of reading material on how to join the ecosystem.

Focus on Force

There are more than 40 Salesforce certifications out there and to help there are also a number of useful resources in the community to get you started. Focus on Force is a great platform to learn and develop your skills and knowledge ahead of taking a Salesforce exam. Our Salesforce Apprentice is currently utilising the resources available ahead of her Administrator Credential and is finding the content to be helpful and informative – increasing her score each time!

Blogs, podcasts and so much more

With blogs, podcasts and so much more readily available on the world wide web, the Salesforce ecosystem is nothing short of resourceful. The Salesforce blog is a great way to catch up on the latest features directly while podcasts offer a different perspective on Salesforce products and solutions.

As a registered Salesforce implementation partner, we are grateful for the community and the vast options available for us to learn and develop our skills to continue delivering effective solutions for our customers. Of course, another great resource in the Salesforce ecosystem is the ability that partners have to collaborate to fully achieve a customer’s goal. If your team requires support on an upcoming Salesforce CRM project, we’re here to help. Get in touch and let’s co-act.

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