Key points from Melissa Shepard you NEED to know: Cotswolds Community Group

Key points from Melissa Shepard you NEED to know: Cotswolds Community Group

We can’t believe that our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group was almost one month ago. It was great to catch up with many members of the Salesforce community from far and wide.

We felt really lucky to have such excellent speakers join us including Neil Procter from Hive and Pawel Dobrzynski from PwC. This week, however we wanted to go over the key points you NEED to remember from Melissa’s session:

Tackle everyday like a Salesforce Architect

We were grateful for Melissa to join us all the way from Boston in the US to share some great business hacks. Melissa is a Salesforce Consulting Partner at LizzardTech Consulting and has over 20 years of experience in information technology and software development which has been primarily focussed on Salesforce CRM for the past 15  years. 

Melissa’s session surrounded the many skills you can bring into your day-to-day job as an admin or developer that can actually help you put on your “architect hat” to go beyond just solving the problem at hand.

Information was aplenty on how to expand your thinking to take into consideration the bigger picture as an architect would and explanations as to how common skills can be used to solve business problems like an architect!

Try it yourself…

Next time you need to tackle a challenging everyday business scenario, be sure to put on your architect hat and solve the problem with your existing knowledge and varied skill set. Also, don’t forget to use these top tips curated by Melissa herself:

  • Think about the big picture: Take all factors into consideration and establish whether the information being used is correct for the particular situation.
  • Create diagrams: Creating a diagram can be an excellent way to explain how a new functionality or process is expected to flow and work.
  • Follow best practices: Establish the best practices that should be used across your team and be open to developing the areas that require improvement.
  • Establish Governance: Ensure that a defined release management process is assigned to someone who can oversee and adapt when necessary.
  • Understand your Org’s security: This will help you to better prepare for expected changes and contribute to effective problem solving.
  • Understand Cloud Capabilities: There will often be a solution in another Salesforce Cloud so it is essential to learn basic features and functions to assist with potential challenges.
  • Be curious! Communicate your ideas with stakeholders and be sure to fill in the missing gaps of information on the relevant platform.

Join our September Group

We really hope that you’ll be able to join us for more Cotswolds Community Group knowledge and fun this September. We’ve got some interesting sessions coming from LDN Apprenticeships – what’s more is Jessica is on the hunt for Salesforce Trivia to test your know-how! 

Registration is now open and you can sign up to attend for FREE here.

See you in September!

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