Invest in our Planet beyond Earth Month

Invest in our Planet beyond Earth Month

As we near the end of Earth Month this April, it’s important not to forget that we all need to make sustainable choices for the sake of our planet indefinitely. Celebrated annually in April, Earth Month is a great initiative where participation with environmental sustainability is actively encouraged.

Each year Earth Month is focussed around a specific environmental theme with Earth Day also taking place on 22 April. This year the theme was to ‘Invest in our Planet’. 

Forest rehabilitation with The Canopy Project

This year in particular, we were drawn to the conservation and restoration efforts that are being made by The Canopy Project. Their goal is to improve our environment by planting trees across the entire world. Since 2010, has supported the planting of millions of trees and continues to work with global partners to reforest areas in need of rehabilitation.

Tree planting in the UK with Coacto

One of our core values as a business is to look after and have a positive impact on the environment. We feel that practical difference is important and we were connected to The Canopy Project as we have our own BuddyBurst tree seedsticks available for anyone to plant – Plus, they’re completely free!

Each packet includes five seeds for Alder Trees which are native to the UK. They are perfect for planting in your garden. Considered one of the UK’s smaller native trees, they are delicate in appearance with grey bark. If planted in April/May, they’ll transform a small space in your garden with delightful greenery. They’re easy to plant and care for, all you have to do is request one!

Order your Coacto Seedstick packet for FREE on our website here. We’ll send it directly to you and together we can continue investing in our planet. Creating a better future for all.

Salesforce Commitments

Salesforce is committed to harnessing the culture of innovation to improve the state of the world and leverage the power of people and their products to reduce the impact on the planet. 

We were impressed with the latest Stakeholder Impact Report delivered by Salesforce CEOs, Marc Benioff & Bret Taylor. The report indicated an increase in the protection efforts for the environment committing $100 million and 2.5 million volunteer hours to fight climate action over the next 10 years.

Coacto is proud to be a part of the Salesforce community and as a recognised Salesforce partner, the alignment of our values is certainly something we celebrate!

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