Getting back to (the new) normal

Getting back to (the new) normal

Having spent the past few months adapting to working environments within our homes, many of us are now starting to make the transition of returning back to dedicated workplaces and the ‘new normal’; but that doesn’t mean that flexible working is going to be a thing of the past.

In the early stages of lockdown, we made the decision to keep our team safe and immediately decided to begin remote working. This month the Hub8 in Cheltenham prepared to welcome us back and on the 13th July we made the transition from our homes, back into the office. Although the team is taking a staggered approach to ‘the new’ normal, there were some important things we had to do to make sure everyone was comfortable.

If you are preparing to head back into the office, here are some top tips to help make your transition as smooth as possible:

  • Talk & Discuss: Before making the decision to return to the office albeit in a flexible capacity, we had a detailed chat about any concerns and what we needed in place to feel comfortable with the transition. It was important to make sure that all of the new measures were completely transparent and effective.
  • Plan & Prepare: In the lead up to our return to the office we liaised regularly with Hub8 to ensure that the relevant safety measures had been implemented for the health and wellbeing of users. Although there’s no supply of sweet treats in the kitchen (for now), there are some excellent measures in place making sure all users are safe.
  • Monitor & Review: As a team we are having regular check-in’s about the transition and the situation is being monitored on a regular basis. We’re big believers in flexible working and our team still take the opportunity to work from home on selected days.

We may have started the transition back into our workplace, but there is no indication that flexible working locations will become a thing of the past – in fact it might just be part of the ‘new normal’. With Salesforce Anywhere you can bring together powerful new technologies and platform services that enable organisations to sell, service, market and collaborate with new levels of productivity from anywhere.

If you are looking to continue offering your employees the option to work from home (or anywhere in that matter) co-act with us about achieving your Salesforce vision on 033 0223 0229.

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