Cotswolds Community Group: Discovering Salesforce Talent

Cotswolds Community Group: Discovering Salesforce Talent

The Coacto team are busy preparing for the upcoming Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group this September. Plenty of knowledge will be on offer, check out our latest Speaker Spotlight below to discover more about what you can expect ↓

We’re delighted to have such inspiring and engaging speakers lined up for our next event. From worthy Salesforce hacks from self-taught Salesforce superhero Steve Molis and detailed knowledge from Pei Mun Lim on how to be a ninja consultant; there is going to be something for everyone. This week our Speaker Spotlight belongs to our friend Sarah Harris-Casey over at LDN Apprenticeships.

Speaker Spotlight: Sarah Harris-Casey

Joining us from LDN Apprenticeships, Sarah Harris-Casey will be delivering the first session of our jam-packed evening. As part of Sarah’s role as Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager at one of the UK’s leading technology apprenticeship providers, she is dedicated to introducing talented young people to exciting apprenticeships in technology and business.

Discovering Salesforce Talent

LDN Apprenticeships specialise in helping young, diverse talent kick start their careers in the technology industry with specialist apprenticeship programmes including those in the Salesforce ecosystem. During Sarah’s session you will have the opportunity to hear all about the various Salesforce Apprenticeship programmes LDN have available and how they can help support your business throughout the process. Back in April, we worked with LDN Apprenticeships to create a programme suitable for our team and have since welcomed Charlotte as our fantastic Salesforce Apprentice.

The Key Takeaways

Sarah’s session will be full of key takeaways including:

  • The benefits of having a Salesforce Apprentice
  • How to hire young, diverse talent
  • Salesforce specific programmes available with LDN

Check out more about Sarah’s session in her Speaker Sneak Peek Video below:

Register to attend

Want to learn more about how you could excel your business and hire top Salesforce talent? Join our Cotswolds Salesforce Community Group on Thursday 9th September from 6pm. We can’t wait and hope you can join us, be sure to sign up for the event on the Salesforce User Group platform here. Don’t forget you can keep up to date with the latest updates and become a part of the Cotswolds Community in our Chatter Group!

Next week’s Speaker Spotlight will be focussed on Steve Molis. Joining us from Boston, he’s got some Salesforce hacks that are super note-worthy. Want to know more? You’ll have to check back on our blog next week!

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